Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scary day

Trey is normally an extremely happy baby. He sleeps about 18 hours a day, eats whatever we give him, and laughs and plays with no whining. Three days ago that drastically changed. He became a baby I did not know. He barely slept 8 hours a day, he would only eat 1 small meal a day-he only wanted milk, and he cried. Not just a normal cry but the pain shrill cry he had before his shunt placement.

After only getting 3 hours of sleep last night and Trey seriously whining/crying ALL night long I gave in. I called his doctors. The problem was which doctor-he has so many! I started with the neurosurgeon then e-mailed his pediatrician. At the same time they both called me. Both doctors told me to take him to Children's Healthcare Emergency room immediately. It sounded like possible shunt malfunction and test needed to be done.

So I packed up both boys, Stephan was headed out the door for work and didn't have enough time to find someone to cover his shift (he felt really bad, but seriously in this economy we are so thankful he has a great job, we will not do anything to challenge that.) So I called my Mom and she said she would meet me so she could watch Ryne while I concentrated on Trey. So many things went through my head, but mainly I prayed no more surgery, that Trey would be okay, and I would get my amazing little boy back.

Can I just tell you how horrifying this ER trip was!?!?!? A CT scan and shunt series (by x-ray) was ordered. During the CT scan he was strapped down by a straight jacket type of thing, he cried but it wasn't horrible-there were times when the machine intrigued him and he was calm. But then we went to the x-ray for the shunt series. This is where my heart broke. It took FOUR grown adults to hold my child down-and you really had to use your muscles-he is a strong little guy. He screamed, cried, threw-up and looked at me with this look that said "Mom-Why are you doing this to me??" I felt so bad. My Mom and Ryne who were very far away in the waiting room, heard his screaming the whole time-Ryne cried for his brother. I felt just horrible.

The Doctor came in and said Good News!! His shunt was performing perfectly, he did have a little enlargement in his ventricles which was causing migraine type headaches, but he will be fine. I was relieved yet felt horrible at the same time. I had put my little boy through all of that, and for no reason. My silver lining was he slept great on the way home and as soon as I put him down, fed him some applesauce and he was seriously happier than I have seen him in a long time. He was so playful and fun-I almost didn't want to put him to bed!! But this momma is tired!!!

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  1. Oh, Tawnya! First of all, I am SO glad that you got good news! But the hospital trip does sound like an absolute nightmare. I'm so sorry you had to go through that - watching our babies in pain and not being able to explain it to them is one of the toughest things I've gone through in my life. I hope things are on the up & up and poor little Trey can get some relief from those headaches!