Saturday, June 13, 2009

Staple removal successful!!

I know I haven't updated in awhile. We are still trying to decide what is best for our family as far as where to live. I think the reason why this decsion is so hard is because I LOVE change-I thrive on it, it keeps me feeling excited and new-I get bored VERY easily. Stephan hates it, he says we are doing well where we are now why change things. He thinks it is like tempting fate, and what if it doesn't work out. Well, we will just change whatever is not working (yet again more change.) He is so funny.... I even think he would prefer to move and misses his family SO much, but he wants us both to have secured a job, and a house (which makes sense) but he is making no effort to make these things happen. Plus the job situation in Floria is terrible, so he says he could get re-hired by the sheriff's dept. but is afraid I won't be able to find anything. I really wish I could just go back part-time, I don't think I am ready for full-time work-I'll miss my babies!

Trey had his staples removed yesterday. It was something I knew I wouldn't be able to see him crying like that so Ryne and I RAN out of the room!! Stephan was such a good daddy and held him and comforted him the whole time. I could hear the crying all the way in the waiting room-poor baby!! His head looks pretty good! He has actually grown some hair in the last two weeks so his scar/scabs are pretty much covered, you can just see the tube. And that will disappear as more hair grows!! He was in pain after we got home and slept on daddy for 3 hours (which meant a HORRENDOUS night for me) but it was so cute to see them sleeping together. I think he is still hurting today a little, and to top it all off I see a little tooth bud on his upper gums!! I LOVE BABY TEETH!! They are so adorable to have these little teeth and LOTS of gums :)

So here are some pics of Trey's head after his staple removal:

The incision behind his ear looks GREAT!!

Almost all of this dried blood diappeared after the bath!!!

He is so stinkin' cute!!

Edited to Add: Trey's head look even better after he got a bath!! They said to wash his head as you normally would, and I couldn't bring myself to do it, so yet again Daddy to the rescue :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Life decisions...

This is tough. Stephan and I are kinda stuck on what to do and if the decisions we are making are the best for our family. On one hand we love Georgia. We love the seasons, parks are everywhere, schools where we live are GREAT, I LOVE living near my mom, and we have an almost rent free apartment that is bigger than a lot of houses.

On the other hand we miss Stephan's HUGE helpful family, we miss ALL of our AMAZING friends, we miss our church (can't find one we LOVE here), he actually got paid more (or close) in Fl., I want to teach and there are programs in Fl which would make it SO EASY for me to get my certificate (my ultimate goal is to get my master's and be a guidance counselor, Fl has the fastest track for me to do that). We have looked at homes in Fl (there are so many affordable foreclosures) but unfortunately due to prior wrong choices we have made, we can't get approved to buy a house right now (this is actually the MAIN reason we aren't packing right now) and we know the rental situation down there and it is not as good as where we are at right now.

We just don't know what to do. It is times like this when being an adult and responsible for other people's lives basically sucks :(

ANY Advice is welcome....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Off to buy a rocking chair...

I haven't blogged since the surgery, I really haven't felt like it or had the energy. This recovery is hard, on the whole family. Trey is in pain and makes it quite obvious, my heart breaks for him. I am told every day it should get better and better, yesterday was one of the worst days of my life. Trey cried all day and slept a total of 5 hours in 24 hours. We were both exhausted and I could not make him feel better. Stephan was sleeping because he was supposed to go to work at night( I had to veto that idea-I NEEDED help) but it actually worked out well. He stayed up all night so I could sleep and he could take care of Trey. Ryne has been great. My mom had him for 3 days (Wed., Thurs., and Fri.) so Stephan and I could focus on Trey's recovery (thanks Randma!!). By the 3rd night he wanted his mommy and was becoming a little difficult. I went and picked him up and brought him home, he has been doing very well. He is not getting a lot of attention and I am constantly telling him we have to keep things quiet and calm (not very easy for a 4 year old, well at least this four year old.)

Today has actually been a lot better, Trey is only crying when he needs to go to sleep-this is where the rocking chair comes in. There was on in the hospital room, and Stephan and I realized what we had been missing out on. He was so much easier to put to sleep and keep asleep. My back is constantly going out from bouncing him to sleep, so we NEED to invest in a rocking chair/glider. I figure it is the cost equivalent to 5 chiropractor appointments (and I have already been 3 times) so we have to figure out how to budget it in. I can't let Trey cry it out and put himself to sleep b/c he holds his breath ( and now tries to pick at his staples) so we are left to bounce/sway him to sleep and then put him down. If anyone has suggestions we are all ears!!

We are continuing to pray that Trey continues to heal and gets better every day, and that Ryne remains as understanding as he possible can. We are scheduled to get the staples out of his head and behind his ear in 2 weeks (this is an appointment I def. can not be in the room for so Stephan is taking the lead on this one...) We truly thank everyone for their continued prayers and support!!

Unrelated-Ryne will be starting soccer in August-this boy LOVES to run so we hope this is a good fit for him :)
BTW: I will post pics later, my camera broke so I am using one we found around the house and now I need to find a memory stick adaptor...Stay tuned.