Thursday, April 30, 2009

If you could see us now...

Well thanks to this blog you can!
Here are some random pics. Enjoy the cheesiness!!


Isn't he such an angel!?!

This one didn't turn out so well on the computer, but trust me-we are GORGEOUS!!

The Beginning....

My virgin post-aahhhh! I can't believe I am now apart of the bloggers, I swore I never would. Not for any reason other than I *think* my life is too boring for people to care about. But I have come to the comclusion if you are bored-DON'T READ IT!! I LOVE my Boys and some days they are so amazing I need to share it with anyone who cares.

My Husband is the best man on Earth-I am sure there are more I just don't know them-hehehe!
Ryne Carter is my first son-the light of my life, in many ways I think he saved my life. And our newest boy Trey Alexander is so amazing and such a gift from God. He has already faced so many *issues* and is still so perfect-I am sure you will hear more stories about that later.
I am not sure if I can keep this blog up, we will see. I am a SAHM for my boys (although Ryne is in preschool) and I love it. Stephan is thinking I should go back to work so we can get a bigger place, but I will gladly sacrifice space to be with Ryne and Trey all day.
Oh and there is Colby-he is 5 and a GREAT dog!! He is intimidating to look at, but he is great with the kiddies (don't get me wrong, if you break into my house he WILL eat you.)

So that is my little family-welcome to our journey :)