Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've made a decision....

to remain indecisive ;)
We are still toying with the idea of moving back to Florida. I have found my DREAM job there and I know I would be great at it. The city that has this job it also hiring 10 police officers right now. AND we found some great foreclosure homes there for as little as $50,000. Sounds great right!?!? Well there are a few problems...
1) The agency hiring police officers is not necessarily the one Stephan wants to work for. He is familiar with another agency in this town, but they are on a hiring freeze. A "higher-up" for that agency said for Stephan to go ahead and put his application in and when the freeze is lifted (which could be soon) Stephan would be considered. BUT Stephan is a little lazy when it comes to change and moving. He is not 100% sold on moving, because he is so comfortable here. He HATES change, so why would he do work to seek it out-that is his thought...
2) What if I get hired and Stephan doesn't get hired at the same time. That would mean our families livelyhood would be solely based on my income (and I wouldn't make near as much as Stephan would.) And with him not having an income we could not afford to move. I have searched all over Georgia for a similar position for me, but I have not seen anything-for my last 6 months of searching.
3) and this one is VERY hard for me to admit-we have bad credit. Like really bad. When we decided to move to Georgia we got caught up in the LARGE beautiful houses and bought WAY beyond our means (not to mention we had 24 hours to find a house and sign a contract while I was toting around a 5 month old, and Stephan was doing stuff for his now employer-that was a lot of pressure on me.) We made the WRONG decision and wound up foreclosing on our home. I am so embarassed to say this and very few people know about this. But our mortgage was over 50% of our income. We are very bad with money and are trying to get things in order now, but it is hard. We have medical bills from all of Trey's medical stuff. We had to take Ryne out of private school and put him in public to save money. We like to give our kids whatever they want/need. I do well saving money for groceries, but that is where my savings ends.
So my point is we would NOT be approved for a mortgage with both of us having new jobs and a foreclosure so recent on our credit history. So we would have to rent I guess, and we are renting in Ga for an extremely discounted rate. For the houses I found that we like we could come up with 5% for down payment, and afford a mortgage that low, but where do we get money to fix the house up (new carpet, some don't have applinces, new paint,etc., etc.) Most of these homes haven't been lived in for awhile so they def. need some TLC.

So we don't know what to do or where to start. I don't want to feel STUCK-like I do right now. I see no way of making this change and I hate feeling that way.


  1. Tawnya, don't feel like an idiot. I think if all of us disclosed all of the foolish financial things we've done in our lives that we keep secret, we'd all be pretty embarrassed. My credit score was down below 550 for a long time, and that's horrible. But you pick up, become wiser, and move forward. Get a hold of some Crown Financial or Dave Ramsey material and become familiar with it; it is a nice guide for setting up a better financial life course and helps you avoid foolish financial mistakes in the future. We did the Crown course and learned a lot.

    We love all four of you guys and really do pray for your family a lot, especially Trey. I actually prayed for him earlier today while I was at the hospital. Don't be embarrassed too much girl. Satan dupes us into doing a lot of dumb things but ultimately if we repent of our mistakes and learn better we can move on quite well.

    Love you guys,

  2. Like Justin said, we've all done it. And we learn from our mistakes. Justin is right about taking a Dave Ramsey course for your finances. i did it, and it is really helping me. Just remember that we love you and think and pray about you guys all the time.