Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have had to begin blog censoring. I hate that, but apparently how I feel MAY offend some people. I am very sorry if I have offended anyone in the past, but this is how I let out how I feel. I put it on here so minimal bad feelings and frustrations are shown near my children. Ryne has no idea how frustrating Trey's hydrocephalus is. He has no idea that sometimes Mommy becomes so overwhelmed I cry myself to sleep. I USE this blog to get it out there. Maybe I need a private blog, but then that would not get my frustrations out for people to semi-understand what my family goes through.

Why I am here why do people feel that just because they have more kids than me they know how to raise mine? Trey is so special and things pertaining to him are very different than any child, even another hydrocephalus child. He goes through a lot and I work my hardest to make sure he gets through every day and every night with as little pain, discomfort or crying as possible. (Seriously have you ever cried while you had a migraine-it is not fun and extremely painful.) That is NOT to say I give him everything, I still teach him "no" and that he may not do whatever he wants. But I also know his "special" cry that means I immediately go get him out of his crib or pull him from whatever situation is causing this cry-crying it out is NOT always a possibility for a hydro child. Seriously would you make your child cry it out if at 5 months they had brain surgery and a tube shoved through his body? I don't and if you think I should I will respectfully disagree, and do what I know is best for my child. Now when it comes to Ryne maybe Stephan and I made (and will probably make more) bad decisions while raising him, and you wouldn't raise your children the same way-but he is OUR child. You may share what you think, but we are devoted to how we choose to raise him. We love him to death and he is the sweetest most loving child I have ever met, all negative attributes of him are something we will handle as a family (and yes I will be the first to admit he whines and is very emotional.) Yet again you may share what you think but we are GOOD parents and we LOVE our boys with everything we have. I don't expect people to know what we go through every day with Trey being a "special needs" child, but please don't pretend that you do know. I had no idea what hydrocephalus entailed before I was blessed with Trey Alexander, he has taught me so much mainly being patience and flexibility. But he is different than a typical one-year old.
This rant is brought on courtesy of a random person I don't know or want to know.

Okay I am done and ready to go outside and blow bubbles with my boys while they run around the playground ;)


  1. Aww, I'm sorry someone had to be a jerk to you. I used to worry about being offensive but the way I see it, if I write an offensive post then people have the choice not to read my blog! BTW you are an amazing mom and don't ever let anyone make you feel differently!

  2. One word for you Tawnya, AMAZING. I don't know if I could handle what Trey is going through the way you and Stephan do. You are stronger than you think. My prayers always include Trey and you guys.

  3. Thanks Kelly ;) I know we make some wrong decisions, but we are doing the best we can, as any parent does! BTW YOU are an amazing mom!!

  4. Jeraldine, we really appreciate your prayers-we def. need them ;) And of course you could handle it, you have been through so much in your life and are such a strong amazing woman!! You find a way to encourage people in every situation and I love that!! See you soon :)

  5. Tawnya,
    Don't censor yourself! I actually have two for family and one for everyone else. Baby updated, etc go on the family one and rants about them go on mine. :-) BUT, a blog is a blog for a reason and you just keep on doing what you're doing. If people get offended, then they can stop reading but you need an outlet, you know???
    Oh and I love your layout!!!

  6. Ciara says....

    You are an amazing mama and no one can report on you as a mother aside from you and those in your home. Those who have not walked in your shoes need shut their mouth. I don't know who youa re refering to but I stand behind you in support 100%. You go rock it mama!