Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MORE doctors-Ugh!!!

We switched insurance companies this year-not really happy about it, but what are you going to do?? Gwinnett county made a decision to switch insurance providers so here we go, trying to get all of Trey's medical stuff covered under the new insurance company.
So we went yesterday for a "well-check" to get Trey's new pediatrician in-tune with him while he is healthy :) He also had to get one shot that they were out of at his 12-month shot appointment. Well I sit there and go through EVERYTHING Trey has been through in the past 12 months-that was a bit emotionally draining, I never would have thought....
The ped. is requesting Trey see an audiologist for a hearing test and follow-up with a speech therapist. He feels Trey is pretty far behind speech-wise and doesn't want him to get much farther. So YAY another specialist-NOT!!! He also had blood drawn to check for anemia (normal test at this age), allergies (he has abnormal amounts of blood in his stool-allergies *may* be the cause), and to check his thyroid (this has been recommended by everyone that meets my little chunky monkey ;) so as we were getting his blood drawn the first nurse missed and rolled his vein. He was so upset, but the HUGE guy who took over was so gentle and sweet and got it on the first time-very quickly ;)

I should have the results soon, but I think there is nothing wrong with him and they are doing these tests to figure out the big picture. His new ped. asked why/how Trey had hydrocephalus. I really have no answer for him-he is hoping to run some tests and follow Trey, to find out if there is any underlying causes/issues. I LOVE that! I LOVE that he WANTS to know what is going on, and that there are so many little things, he wants a thorough diagnosis. But I am just sick of doctors-as I am sure my little man is also :)
All of the speed crawling and constant moving Trey has been doing has resulted in a weight loss of one pound in 3 weeks-When he starts walking/running he will shrink in no time :)

Ryne is 5-need I say more?? He is defiant, doesn't listen, full of energy, and CONSTANTLY talks!! BUT he is amazing, extremely intelligent, and motivated!! He starts t-ball in Feb.-Thank God!!! He HAS to be in sports or he will blow-up from all of his energy ;)


  1. Awesome! Sounds like you have a GREAT dr!!

    I hope Ryne loves T-ball!

  2. Aww, I hope they get to the bottom of everything. Chunky money or not, he is ADORABLE! I think baby rolls are ridiculously cute. In fact, I wish Ben had 'em! I'm sure you know what that's like with your little guy, Ryne. :)