Friday, January 22, 2010

He loves me...He loves me not...

Okay I KNOW my husband loves me! I just do. BUT I feel like he doesn't ever show me he does. He says "I love you" every day before he goes to work, when we hang up on the phone, or when I rub his shoulders ;) But sometimes I just don't feel it. He is a BUSY man!! He works about 60 hours a week so that I can stay home with the boys and he never complains. He loves his job so much, but there have got to be days he doesn't want to go-but he has NEVER said this to me. He has been a police officer for 7 years and I believe he is MADE for this job. It is funny because those that know him from high school/college can't imagine him being a policeman, but he is so good at it-Really!! Last week he got the ribbon of valor from our county and he is up for a major state award (can't remember what-I know, bad wife...) , but still some days he must want to stay home and in bed, but every day he gets up without complaint and goes to work with a smile on his face. That is GREAT to see as a wife, that your husband is so happy. But I feel like I take a back seat to his job and our kids. Horrible I know, and my head says I am first in his life (after God, of course) but my heart isn't so sure.

This all started when I saw a high school friend of mine post that his wife is his Hero. Seriously how sweet is that!?!? He is an amazing guy and was such a good friend in high school, he has been blessed with a gorgeous wife and beautiful son (YAY Jeremy!!!) I know if Stephan had a facebook account his status would never be something as sweet as that. "I punched a guy in the face today" would be his status. And that's okay-I really am so proud of him, he may be small but he has got some MAJOR fight in him :)

I knew he was not a romantic type when we got married, and that was okay. (Well one time he bought sweet note cards and every time I went out to my car-after work, after class, in the morning-I found these sweet words and my heart melted, but that was like 11 years ago...) Just sometimes being home with two little boys and crusty food and snot on my shirt makes me feel like less of a wife and more like a burp cloth :)

I am not complaining AT ALL-I just wonder if more husbands are like mine. Will do everything in his power to make his family secure and provided for, but can't write a love poem to save his life....

And isn't he just TOO cute!?!?


  1. I tell myself that everyday. "He wasn't that type when I married him!" But yes, sometimes it would feel good to feel that they appreciate us more than they let on. How could they NOT?

  2. Yes!!!!!! This is Tim! He's the greatest husband in the world (seriously), he works his A$$ off to support our family while never complaining, but he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. ;)

    I just try to remember all the wonderful things he DOES do when I'm feeling all "blah" about it. Oh, and then I go buy myself a cute shirt or a push-up bra or something. We all need things to make us feel like more than a burp cloth! ;)

  3. I'm willing to bet there are more men than not who are like that. A love poem? What's that? My hubby works his butt off all week long and gets home just in time to spend 30 minutes with his whiney son before bedtime. He quit playing golf regularly (used to play at least 4x per week) and when people ask him about it, he tells them that he'd rather spend time with Holden and that's all worth it. Of course, spending time with Holden means spending time with me and giving me a break...thats how I know he loves me. :-) He doesn't have to tell me...I see it in the things he does. Sounds like your hubby is the same way.