Thursday, February 4, 2010


I almost forgot to share... Trey Speaks!!!!! At 13.5 months Trey Alexander said his FIRST word!!! Well he said da da da da da da da..... But I count that as a word :) I'll take what I can get :) He will still need to begin his speech therapy-Yay another therapist :( BUT it means he is finally getting this stuff :)
Did I forget to write earlier he took his first steps last week!?!?!? He can now take about 15 steps and who cares if he looks like Frankenstein while walking.... It is so cute and he is totally proud of himself. I need to get new DVD's for the video camera so I can catch this for you :)
I am so proud of our Trey Trey-he is such an amazing baby!! He also has 3 teethe starting to break through and just had 3 completely break through-and you would never know he was teething, except for the BUCKETS of drool. he has not been cranky at all, he is still sleeping 13 hours a night and keeping up with his 4-5 hours of daytime naps-YAY for sleep!!!!! My kids are awesome, whether I am a crazy mom or not ;)